Lynx Studio Aurora(n) 16 TB3 Lynx Studio LT-TB3 Thunderbolt 3 Module; Expansion card for Aurora(n) and Hilo A/D D/A converter; upgrades devices with 2 


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Through the front panel, you can easily access all the major controls, plus an LCD screen for stereo or multichannel metering.

Lynx Aurora (n)/HiLO | D/A Dynamic Range | 120dB Nothing against the Symphony but when it comes to posting the specs of different hardware, a little accuracy could make sense. The Hilo has better specs than the Aurora (n):

SKU: Lynx Aurora 16-HD2. $ 3,899.00-8%.

Lynx aurora n dynamic range

Aurora Aurora( ) Hilo Line In THD+N 1kHz, -1dBFS, 22-22kHz filter-108 dB -113dB -114 dB -111 dB Dynamic Range A-weighted, -60dBFS signal 117 dB 119dB 121 dB 117 dB Frequency Response Deviation 20Hz - 20kHz band ± 0.10dB ± 0.01 dB ± 0.01 dB ± 0.05 dB Crosstalk 1kHz, -1dBFS -120 dB -130dB -140 dB -128 dB

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Audi. Audio-Technica.
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Aurora Aurora( ) Hilo Line In THD+N 1kHz, -1dBFS, 22-22kHz filter-108 dB -113dB -114 dB -111 dB Dynamic Range A-weighted, -60dBFS signal 117 dB 119dB 121 dB 117 dB Frequency Response Deviation 20Hz - 20kHz band ± 0.10dB ± 0.01 dB ± 0.01 dB ± 0.05 dB Crosstalk 1kHz, -1dBFS -120 dB -130dB -140 dB -128 dB Spezifikationen und Meßwerte. Line In. THD+N. 1kHz, -1dBFS, 22Hz - 22kHz filter.

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The updated Aurora(n) series also incorporates a Micro SD card slot for up to 32-channels of real time recording and playback. Transparent Audio Lynx’s hallmark sonic transparency is the reason why you’ll find Lynx converters being used in the most mission-critical audio applications and in the world’s finest audio recording facilities.

Lynx Aurora (n) 16 AD/DA Converter. The Lynx Aurora 16 I/O D/A and A/D Converter is a full featured, 16 channel AD/DA device, packed into a compact single rack space. It supports up to 192k, and has word clock I/O stabilized with Lynx SynchroLock technology.

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Lynx includes a nifty Aurora(n) configurator on its site so that potential buyers can peruse the options and get an idea of their prices before ordering. UK distributor Source Distribution kindly agreed to prepare our preferred specification for this review, namely eight analogue in/outs, four mic preamps and USB.

All-new SynchroLock 2 high- performance  The dynamic range measured 115.5dBA across all sample rates, while the frequency response had only dropped by -0.1dB at an very low 6Hz and extended to  Buy Lynx Studio Technology Aurora (n) 24 DNT - 24 Channel AD/DA Converter with LT-DANTE Dante Card featuring 24 Channels AD/DA, 24-Bit / 192 kHz,  The Aurora 16 AD/DA converter provide world-class analog to digital and digital to crosstalk and distortion while increasing dynamic range and performance. Other · THD+N: ‐108dB @1kHz, ‐1dBFS, 20kHz filter, +20 dBu trim · Dynamic range: 120dB, A‐weighted, ‐60dBFS signal method · Frequency response: ± 0.025dB,  Frequency 20 Hz - 20 kHz, +0/-0.1 dB. Response. Dynamic Range 117 dB, A- weighted. Channel Crosstalk -120 dB maximum, 1 kHz signal, -1 dBFS.