EngelskaRedigera. AdjektivRedigera. elective. som avser val · valfri. Besläktade ordRedigera · elect · election. SubstantivRedigera. Böjningar av elective 


Moreover, the first study to examine risks to babies born via elective cesarean, published in this month's edition of Birth, reported that in 6 million births, the risk of death to newborns

elective(a)[politics], med rätt att välja(a)[politics]  Elective courses. Denna sida på svenska. Page Manager: 2015-11-06. Page Manager: 2015-11-06. Certec Department of Design Sciences Lund University's  Elective Classes are hour-long lessons that focus on Conversation, Grammar, Survival English, Pronunciation, Idioms and Slang, and Business English.

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AdjektivRedigera. elective. som avser val · valfri. Besläktade ordRedigera · elect · election. SubstantivRedigera.


What does elective mean? Having the power or authority to elect; electoral. (adjective)

Studiehandbok. Elective courses.


Content. Elective studies in Biotechnology 25 ects. ÅA 411503.0 Bioprocessteknik 4 ects. ÅA 421501.0 Bioreaction engineering 4 ects. BTEK3111 Recombinant 

The course consists  Additional systemic corticosteroid cover should be considered during periods of stress or elective surgery.

(EL) Madam President, Baroness Ashton, I think that we are living in an absurd world and that you have been elected to play a role in it, in order to mitigate this irrationality absurdity.
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U-Map, the European Classification ofHigher Education  political parties to integrate women in elective and non - elective public positions in the same proportion and at the same levels as men ” ( artikel 190b ) . Note that elective subjects that do not receive sufficient enrolment by the start of and any enrolled students will be asked to choose a different elective course. While the near-term US economic outlook has dimmed somewhat in the first half of the year, and elective procedures remain delayed, our core  Home - Finding Your Way Some schools offer elective courses — such as journalism or band — that complement your extracurricular activities. Medical Definition of elective 1 : relating to, being, or involving a nonemergency medical procedure and especially surgery that is planned in advance and is not essential to the survival of the patient elective knee surgery elective tonsillectomy pertaining to the principle of electing to an office, position, etc. chosen by election, as an official.

To guarantee the finest quality in the cup and maximum flexibility, we created Elective so that it could interface with the most advanced LaCimbali machines.
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Would like Elective Mathematics Syllabus for Waec well, not necessary speak. agree, useful idea apologise, but not.

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Elective course: Students are free to choose among certain alternative courses, often depending on their choice of specialisation. Optional course: Students are 

Synonyms: discretionary, optional, voluntary… Antonyms: compulsory, mandatory, nonelective… Find the right word.